Ngai Spa - Signature Body & Foot Massage

Ngai Spa is offering a perfect traditional herbal massage therapy inspired by the practices used by the ancient Vietnamese royal doctors thousand years ago.

Located on a 500 square metre facility right beside the capital’s scenic West Lake, this tastefully appointed spa and wellness facility offers memorable treatment complemented by skilful techniques by a team of professionally-trained and enthusiastic therapists.

Luxuriate in a relaxing ambience suffused by the perfumes of a green garden and the steam of various herbal teas that accompany the royal desserts served to patrons.

Ngai Spa offers a unique experience of traversing a green tropical landscape while overlooking the stunning West Lake and the famous tourist hot spots of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Quang Ba flower market, and Stone Beach flower garden.

Ngai Spa & Lounge offers ultimate pampering and relaxation travellers absolutely cannot miss when visiting Hanoi.


Therapeutic Foot & Body Massage

Herbal bath - Steam - Moxibustion - Acupressure - Body Massage - Physiotherapy - Chiropractic - Body Detox/ Gua Sha